“A table is not always just a table; sometimes it is more: for example, a table “with a view.” Almost hypnotic. How did it start? I crossed three profiled elements at right angles - as is often done in architecture - and I connected them in sequence, each with a strong bolt. Aside from wood, the material I have used up to now in creating my tables, this time, I wanted to test myself with its opposite: iron.Bolt e is like a “cheval-de-frise” frame, basic and “essential,” which aspires to stardom on a circular surface of thick glass, transparent and rounded along its circumference with unusual 360 degree finishing.Tables have always been my great passion: central furnishings of our daily lives, but also of our work, as well as the site of convivial, administrative, political, ritual and symbolic occasions. Now, after so many attempts from the time of my first creation, which, in 1961-62 also coincided with my first recognition (a Golden Compass), I am still excited about the birth of another of my tables.”


A square variant and three rectangular tables. These are the different versions of the Mirto table, initially designed for outdoor use it has now found inside with its precise formal appearance. The components are characterized by a simple design of reduced thickness that offers specific details and a wide array of materials and finishes. The table tops range from the reflections of glass to compact marbles onto the different grains and colours of wood. The combinations of structure make for a variety of solutions, also including monochromatic black and white.


Table and console are classics today with their versatile features (wood or lacquered, as desired), the elegance of the rounded top and the strong profile of the base with its cross-shaped motif. They are the expression of refined aesthetics that combine well with other products.


Pure, rigorous, basic: the design makes them ideal for a wide range of spaces and furnishing situations, also with an extensive choice of materials and sizes. It is characterised by precise formal synthesis and care for details.


The inclination to carry out experimentation has produced distinctive items that challenge the current scene. Terminal 1 witnesses this with its fluid shapes, balance between seats and metal support, contrast between glossy and matt finish that enhance the sophistication of its monochrome image. With the dual function of armchair and chaise longue, it possesses the basic features of a sculpture that seems to float.


Richard is the seating system which distinguishes itself by its balanced contemporary design, with references to classical atmospheres. Its modular theme is developed by 76 elements in two depths: 93 cm for more formal and contained solutions, and 123 cm for larger compositions and more informal seating.


Jeffrey Bernett's projects reflect his search for harmonious shapes, commitment to functionality and simplicity in objects, and attention to detail. The most elegant expression of the balance between shape and comfort is seen in Landscape. An aerial seat - agile and invitingly comfortable with a minimal design that gives this chaise-longue a very light look. The supporting structure in steel was available also in a fixed position variant, when the product first came out. Since 2011, the rocking version entered the collection and became the most modern rocking chair on the market. The cover is sewn in segments, and can be in fabric or leather. It is completely removable. To increase the level of comfort, the chaise-longue has an adjustable headrest to position as desired.


Shaped by an organic development inspired by the form of a soy bean, the typical ingredient in Oriental cuisine, Eda-Mame is a furnishing element with a strong impact created by a sculptural design that can give great incisiveness to a space. A single object that is a fusion of three types of seating - high-back chair, easy chair and pouf.


"B & B Atoll is a multi-functional series that reinterprets traditional elements, such as a cylinder cushion bag, connecting them with a delicate and shiny structure that can smoothly integrate with contemporary languages. It is versatile because it is versatile It can be used in environments, from * for formal scenes, with armchairs, to informal environments, thanks to the ability to create an L-shaped structure for it, while using the couch as a terminal element. "


Édouard is a family of innovative upholstered furniture endowed with powerful aesthetic and functional charm: armchair, sofas and sectional seating elements (chaise longue, terminal and corner elements) designed to create restful areas that suit both the space available and the personal taste. The system offers two typologies which differ in the back height structure, namely 92 cm for the armchair and sofas, and 85 cm for the sectional elements. The sofas have been designed to enhance comfort with a wide seat and a high backrest, which can also be fitted with a headrest, studied to ensure efficient and excellent ergonomic support.


Michel Club is an evolution of Michel seating system. Orientation towards a technical and formal typology that resizes proportions of the frame and the cushions makes Michel Club a more tradional yet contemporary design proposal. Its 36 modular elements, 5 otttoman and linear sofas allow for a wide range of configurations.


With Michel Effe an important chapter is added to the successfull story that started with Michel, the first modular sofa from the series. Some of the characteristics are unaltered, such as the two depths, but it is more essential than its predecessors. It reveals a new design thanks to a simplification of the seat with a single cushion. It is thinner, but not less comfortable.

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